Tips for Submitting Your Report to the County

As a general policy, S2C LLC does not share information about your pocket gopher survey with anyone except you, our valued client.  That means that you can share your final survey report with the county on your own schedule, whenever you decide it is appropriate. Here are some tips for submitting your report to the county:

  • The county requires the report maps in color.  If you send the digital files we provide you (i.e. PDFs), this should satisfy the requirement.  If you print out your pocket gopher report to submit on paper, be sure to print it using a color printer.
  • While the county requires your entire parcel to be surveyed, they still want to know the footprint of your proposed building project.  The best way to do this is to have a site plan document that meets county specifications (you’ll need this for any permit application anyway).  If the county requests a copy of the site plan to go with the gopher report, then you will be ready to provide it.
  • Wait until both gopher surveys are complete before submitting the final report to the county.  After the second survey, we will send you a PDF file that includes everything you need to submit in one document.
  • Remember that S2C LLC cannot speak for the county or make any promises on the county’s behalf.  We do, however, work with county staff professionals to make sure our reports are complete and accurate to their specifications.  If you send your report to the county and S2C LLC receives a request for clarification about some part of that report, we will provide that clarification unless you tell us otherwise.

We hope these tips make your process smoother and more trouble free.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to request service.  Thanks, and have a great summer!