On-site Consultation

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Do you know you need a gopher survey and want to get going with a professional on-site assessment of your property’s conditions?  Starting with an on-site consultation is a good option for land parcels that have dense vegetation, notable slopes, potential obstacles, or other distinct features.  It’s also a good option for people who prefer to meet in person and not just by phone and email. Best of all, the cost of your On-site Consultation may be applied to your First Full Survey Visit.

Our on-site consultations include the following services:

    • An in-person visit and assessment of your property’s conditions by a pocket gopher survey specialist
    • Custom on-site report of necessary preparations (e.g., mowing, clearance of obstacles) in advance of the survey
    • Personal consultation session regarding county and federal rules and regulations that apply to your property
    • Full review of county, state, and federal databases for gopher information relevant to your parcel(s)
    • Determination/confirmation of whether your parcel meets the criteria for requiring a pocket gopher review
    • Production and delivery of a complete written report of findings, including the latest GIS maps, reasons why a review would be required (or not), an overview of the typical gopher review process for your specific site type, and recommendations for next steps, if any